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corporate kits embossers rubber self-inking pre-inked

Looking for an economical alternative for your stamping needs? Rubber stamps are the answer! Our stamps produce an adequate impression using a separate ink pad. Only QWIKMARK™ rubber stamps feature a dust cover to keep ink off of your desk.

  • Rubber stamps require a separate ink pad.

  • The QWIKMARK™ stamp exclusive dust cover feature keeps dirt off your stamp and ink off your desk.

  • All stamps produce the best impression when used on a dry, flat surface.

  • When ordering a custom stamp, add an additional ink color or artwork to liven up any stamp impression!

  • Stamps should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

  • To clean, keep an old toothbrush available to detail and remove any dried ink from the stamp mount.

  • Re-ink the rubber stamp after each impression.